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Tools (pick up)

The following items will be in your package and which should be returned after completion of the project: miter box and saw, clamp for securing the miter box to a sturdy table, safety goggles, wood, glue, sand paper, clamps. What you should provide for yourselves – pencil (& sharpener), ruler, rag, masking tape. Those who specify no equipment necessary will only receive the wood in their package.

Tools (shipped)

Everything needed is shipped, no returns necessary, add $80.


There is no upper age limit. Not meant for children under 7. Adult supervision and involvement most probably needed by younger artisans. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, the projects can be completed by almost anyone. The enjoyment is in the creation and development. All projects are a challenge and each person, depending on their dexterity, patience, organization etc. will finish the project to their own ability. Most teenagers should be independent and a great pass time for adults and seniors. Children under six may have too hard of a time and not enjoy the experience.

Additional help

Video recordings of the classes are available up until the next class


special $185/project (reg $230)